Things to Consider Before Buying A New Toilet

Things to Consider Before Buying A New Toilet:

Toilet is one of the most useful equipment biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in your house. There is not a single day in your life when your toilet is not used by anyone. Therefore it is necessary to select a toilet which is right for you. You need to check if the toilet has all the functions you want, only then you can come to the decision of buying it for your bathroom.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying A New Toilet

The toilet should be comfortable as well as easy to access for everyone. The quality of your toilet is based upon how you choose the toilet at the time of buying. That is why, we are here to help you find your most suitable toilet model which you can use for years. We are going to discuss some important points that you should keep in mind while choosing a new toilet for your home.

Rough In Space:

In present time, the toilets are available in 3 different rough in sizes of 10-inch, 12-inch and buy TRON 14-inch. The popular rough in size is 12-inch and therefore most toilets come with 12-inch standard rough in size.

The rough in size is the space between the main drainage in your bathroom floor and the wall behind the toilet. You should measure that space in your bathroom and then choose the best toilet with exact rough in size so it can easily fit in that space.

Toilet Height:

A toilet is either standard height or comfort height. The standard height toilet has bowl height of 16-inch or below while the comfort height toilet has 16.5+ inch bowl height. The seat of a comfort height toilet is more than 17-inch high which is suitable for disabled users and people with joint pain problem. You should check the toilet height and choose your desired toilet with standard or comfort height as per your needs and priority.

Water Consumption:

Most toilets use either 1.6 GPF water or 1.28 GPF water. The 1.28 GPF toilets are WaterSense certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), because it saves more water than the low consumption 1.6 GPF toilets.

The 1.6 GPF toilet provides a bit more powerful flushing than the other one. But the 1.28 GPF toilet saves 30 percent more water than the 1.6 GPF toilet. You should keep this factor in mind at the time of selecting an ideal toilet for your house.

Flushing System and Performance:

The flushing system is the main highlight of any toilet. You can call it the best flushing toilet with all Tornado, G-Max, Double Cyclone or any other flushing system. It is important to check the flushing mechanism and performance of the toilet before you decide to buy it.

Bowl Shape:

Some toilets offer round front bowl, while others offer elongated bowl. There are rare toilets in the market which have an oval shaped bowl. The elongated bowl provides added comfort to the user, while round bowl saves space in your bathroom. You can choose the best elongated toilet or round toilet as per your requirement.

Flush Type: Single Flush or Dual Flush

It is also an important aspect when you want to buy a new toilet. Single Flush Toilet has Buy TRON in the Philippines one flush option for all kinds of waste removal. It uses 1.6 or 1.28 GPF water to clean the liquid and solid waste from the bowl.

A Dual Flush Toilet offers two different flush options for liquid waste removal and solid waste removal from the bowl. It is the best flushing toilet that uses 1.6 or 1.28 GPF water for full flush action and only 0.8 to 1.1 GPF water for half flush action. You can use half flush for liquid waste and full flush for solid waste.

Glazed Surface and Trapway:

The upgraded technology has changed everything in the world of toilet. You should select the toilet which offers a fully glazed surface and glazed trapway. When the toilet is protected with ceramic glaze, it remains cleaner for long time without manual cleaning. Moreover, it requires less manual cleaning which will save your precious time. The fully glazed trapway allows easier and quicker removal of waste from the bowl into the drainage.

Final Opinion:

Thus, you need to consider all the above things and check them carefully before you buy a new toilet. It is recommended for you to select a toilet which has best flushing, water saving and ease of use for your family.

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How to Activate JCPenney Discount Card and Discount Offers

Activate your JCPenney Discount Card: JCPenney Stores offer high discounts to its customers during festive days. But the JCP Employees get discounts all over the year. If you are an Employee of JCPenney, you are eligible to enjoy attractive discount on everything you buy from JCP Store. But you must have the JCP Associate Discount Card to avail such discount and your JCP Discount Card must be Activated.

With JCP Associate Discount Card, you can shop at any JCP Store across USA. You will get same discount at each store when you pay by JCPenney Discount Card. In addition, JCPenney Company provides JCP Discount Card to family members of Employees. So you and your family members will get JCP Discount Card and enjoy higher discounts on every purchase at JCPenney Stores.

JCPenney Associate Discount Card


JCPenney Company Inc. gives a Special Card to its Employees which is known as JCP Associate Discount Card. The people who are Employees of JCPenney and their family members, only those are eligible to get this discount card.

How to Use JCPenney Discount Card

If you have JCP Associate Discount Card, you can use it at any JCP Store. You need to show your Discount Card at Store Payment Counter. You can also use the JCPenney Discount Card on Online JCP Store at During online shopping, you don’t need to provide your Discount Card Number, but your name and address same as registered with JCPenney Company.

JCPenney Discount Card Activation

Every Employee who possesses JCPenney Discount Card, has to Activate it Online. Because the Employee can neither use the JCP Discount Card nor get any discount if the Card is Not activated. The procedure to activate JCPenney Associate Discount Card is very simple. Here we provide step by step process as under:

  1. Log on to JCPenney Associate Kiosk Website at
  2. Select Associate Kiosk@Home tab to go to Employee Login Page.
  3. Enter your Employee ID and Password correctly.
  4. Click on Sign On button to login to your Employee Account.
  5. Open Main Menu and find out Self Service option.
  6. Select Self Service to expand it.
  7. Click on the linkĀ Discount Card Activation.
  8. Enter your JCP Discount Card Number and other details as asked.
  9. Submit the details and click on OK button to proceed.

Note: After you complete above steps, your JCP Associate Discount Card will be Activated and then you can use it at JCP Stores and JCP Website. Please note that JCP Discount Card Activation Process is available at your work place i.e. at JCP Store/Office only. JCPenney doesn’t allow the Employee to Activate JCP Discount Card from home or any other place.

Discount Offers for JCP Employees

The Employee Discount is available to all JCPenney Employees without any discrimination. But JCPenney Company gives Discount Offers to its Employees on the basis of their performance at JCP Store. Here we provide JCP Discount Offers for Regular Employees and Star Performer Employees as under:

  • Regular Employees get 25 percent Off on All Products at JCP Stores.
  • Star Performer Employees get 30 percent Off on All Products at JCP Stores.

For more information about JCP Associate Discount Card Activation and Exiting Discount Offers for Employees, kindly visit JCP Associate Kiosk Website at

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