How to Activate JCPenney Discount Card and Discount Offers

Activate your JCPenney Discount Card: JCPenney Stores offer high discounts to its customers during festive days. But the JCP Employees get discounts all over the year. If you are an Employee of JCPenney, you are eligible to enjoy attractive discount on everything you buy from JCP Store. But you must have the JCP Associate Discount Card to avail such discount and your JCP Discount Card must be Activated.

With JCP Associate Discount Card, you can shop at any JCP Store across USA. You will get same discount at each store when you pay by JCPenney Discount Card. In addition, JCPenney Company provides JCP Discount Card to family members of Employees. So you and your family members will get JCP Discount Card and enjoy higher discounts on every purchase at JCPenney Stores.

JCPenney Associate Discount Card


JCPenney Company Inc. gives a Special Card to its Employees which is known as JCP Associate Discount Card. The people who are Employees of JCPenney and their family members, only those are eligible to get this discount card.

How to Use JCPenney Discount Card

If you have JCP Associate Discount Card, you can use it at any JCP Store. You need to show your Discount Card at Store Payment Counter. You can also use the JCPenney Discount Card on Online JCP Store at During online shopping, you don’t need to provide your Discount Card Number, but your name and address same as registered with JCPenney Company.

JCPenney Discount Card Activation

Every Employee who possesses JCPenney Discount Card, has to Activate it Online. Because the Employee can neither use the JCP Discount Card nor get any discount if the Card is Not activated. The procedure to activate JCPenney Associate Discount Card is very simple. Here we provide step by step process as under:

  1. Log on to JCPenney Associate Kiosk Website at
  2. Select Associate Kiosk@Home tab to go to Employee Login Page.
  3. Enter your Employee ID and Password correctly.
  4. Click on Sign On button to login to your Employee Account.
  5. Open Main Menu and find out Self Service option.
  6. Select Self Service to expand it.
  7. Click on the linkĀ Discount Card Activation.
  8. Enter your JCP Discount Card Number and other details as asked.
  9. Submit the details and click on OK button to proceed.

Note: After you complete above steps, your JCP Associate Discount Card will be Activated and then you can use it at JCP Stores and JCP Website. Please note that JCP Discount Card Activation Process is available at your work place i.e. at JCP Store/Office only. JCPenney doesn’t allow the Employee to Activate JCP Discount Card from home or any other place.

Discount Offers for JCP Employees

The Employee Discount is available to all JCPenney Employees without any discrimination. But JCPenney Company gives Discount Offers to its Employees on the basis of their performance at JCP Store. Here we provide JCP Discount Offers for Regular Employees and Star Performer Employees as under:

  • Regular Employees get 25 percent Off on All Products at JCP Stores.
  • Star Performer Employees get 30 percent Off on All Products at JCP Stores.

For more information about JCP Associate Discount Card Activation and Exiting Discount Offers for Employees, kindly visit JCP Associate Kiosk Website at

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